Levent Kagit was founded in 1975 in Kemalpasa, Izmir. In order to achieve its future goals, it became a joint-stock corporation in 1982.  In those years, the company was producing 2.5 tons/day using the first and only machine it had; however, its capacity reached to 105 tons/day in 2001 upon adding a second machine into production.

With its expansion investments of 22 million dollars worth in 1997, Levent Kagit purchased a paper mill in Austria, and intensively carried on with the modernization process until year 2001. By this means, Levent Kagit enabled a giant facility equipped with the highest technological innovations for Turkish Paper Sector, and eventually reached to an industrial paper production capacity of 105 tons per day.

Levent Kagit’s journey began years ago with a capital sum of TL 5,000 and 9 employees; however, today it has reached a capital sum of TL 10,000,000 with 127 employees. It is currently running its production activities at its premises of total 50,492 m2, where the corporation operates 37.562m2 of outdoor and 12.930m2 of indoor facilities, located along Kemalpasa road at the 25th km.

Serving as one of prominent facilities in Turkey, Levent Kagit, with its capacity to process de-inked paper and cellulose simultaneously, makes significant contributions to the Turkish economy, which in fact is dependent on foreign countries for cellulose supply. It performs production of industrial and hygienic tissue papers in a wide range of varying weights (16,5 gr/m2 to140gr/m2). Thus, it can fully supply semi-finished material requirements of middle and major industrial facilities.

Levent Kagit also makes production of semi-finished materials required in roofing called Corrubit, which is produced and offered by one of the group companies, namely BTM Bitumlu Tecrit Maddeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (Bitumen Insulation Materials Industrial and Commercial Inc.).

 In addition to being such a major and considerable hygienic paper factory in Turkey, Levent Kagit allocates a great deal of its production for exports. It carries out exports to many countries, namely the U.K., Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria, France, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Spain, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, as well as some African countries such as Tanzania, Angola, and Mozambique.

 Levent Kagit is considered a reliable supplier especially thanks to its quality of cellulose based tissue,de-inked tissue and one-side glazed papers, its competitive price strategies, and its environmental awareness policies. Therefore, its Customer portfolio is constantly expanding. Thanks to its quality management system reflecting on the customer satisfaction, the reliability of the corporation in the industry of hygiene papers constantly increases. Currently the company allocated an important focus on developing African market, and its exports are directed towards these countries.

Besides offering an extremely wide product range, superior quality products, having strong and reliable position in its sector, and being an environment friendly establishment, Levent Kagit has been deemed worthy of “The Leading Company in Investment Award” granted by the Ministry of Finance. As it makes productions pursuant to the standards, Levent Kagit reserved the right to use TUV Certificate from 2005 to 2017 and then ISO 9001:2008 BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION since April 2017. The company has been awarded with “Certificates of Achievement” in different years by EBSO as a response for its contributions and entrepreneurship for local economy as well as the economy of the country.

Confiding in the importance given to its customers, the professional attention given to its operations and productions, and high quality of its services and products; Levent Kagit aims to progress further and become the paramount factory, which produces hygienic tissue papers  in Turkey.