Quality Policy

Levent Kagit’s Quality Control System consists of principles and goals, both of which can be embraced by and applied in lives of the whole crew. Our primary policy is to avoid what is inappropriate, to keep interior/exterior communications at the highest level and convenience, and obtain a prospective system that is always open for improvement.

 It is highly significant for our corporation to improve the creativity and self-confidence of our employees, as well as making sure that they develop their services with a sense of responsibility. What we aim is not having an authority to control the service of an employee, but reaching an entire quality with an operation which is convenient for the specifications and avoids any possible mistakes. By this awareness, on which we have founded our sense of service and quality, we have been reserving our position in the market, and giving service with our educated, harmoniously working and future-oriented employees.

 Our resources are primarily allocated for avoiding nonconformities. We aim to carry on this journey of ours as a reliable corporation which provides the highest level of customer satisfaction and pays professional attendance to its customers. At the same time, we have been working in a long-term cooperation that is based on the principles of honesty and good-intentions with all of our interior and exterior suppliers, from whom we procure raw and bulk materials as well as chemicals.